Our Mission

To continuously strive to improve the professional status of the Personal Support Workers of Ontario through advocacy for excellence and consistency in training, services, working conditions, and value to those we serve.

The Ontario Personal Support Workers Association is the first chapter of the Canadian Support Workers Association. Created in June of 2010, by the original founders of PSW Canada, now known as the Canadian Support Workers Association. OPSWA was created by PSWs for PSWs.

Over 12 years ago, a handful of PSWs had a dream. A dream for quality care for those in PSWs care and recognition and respect for their fellow PSWs. That is how PSW Canada was born. From there the founders found themselves picked up by Macleans Magazine and Toronto Star plus other media, speaking about the issues in the PSW profession. With that media, the government took notice. Regulation of PSWs was thrown around and thrown out, so our founders created the Ontario PSW Association to focus first on their home province and provide their fellow PSWs with an association to call their own. 

Since 2010, OPSWA has grown substantially, now representing tens of thousands of PSWs across Ontario. They have become the official voice for PSWs with Media across our nation and Federal & Provincial Governments. 

OPSWA has maintained the same message since our early days and that has never changed.

Our Vision
Through the standardization of Personal Support Workers, all Ontarians can receive the quality of care they are entitled to.

Our Team

Miranda Ferrier CEO

Miranda Ferrier

CEO and Provincial President
Ian Dasilva - Director of Operations

Ian DaSilva

Chief Operating Officer
Nicole - OPSWA Director of Operations


Director of Operations
Monique Langlois

Monique Langlois

OPSWA Spokesperson - French

OPSWA is involved in various panels, public and educational committees, and our own advisory committees.

OPSWA by-laws encompass all aspects of our organization.

OPSWA has taken the initiative to protect the public, PSWs, and all vested stakeholders.

OPSWA’s mission is to elevate the profession and protect the vulnerable members of the public, ensuring that they are competent and act ethically.