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OPSWA’s aim is to make PSWs the profession of choice in the Health Care field.

We Care

We strive to improve the professional status of the Personal Support Workers of Ontario through advocacy for excellence and consistency in training, services, working conditions, and value to those we serve.

Standardization of Care

Our vision is to provide Ontarians the quality of care that they are entitled to through PSWs.

Trusted by over 45,000 PSWs

The Ontario Personal Support Worker Association is the Professional Association for PSWs across Ontario.
Since 2010, OPSWA has grown substantially. We have become the official voice for PSWs with Media across our nation and Federal & Provincial Governments. OPSWA is currently advocating the Ontario Government for Recognition and Respect for the PSWs and have been successful in helping create and pass Bill 283 for Regulation of Personal Support Workers. 
We continuously strive to improve the professional status of the Personal Support Workers of Ontario through advocacy for excellence and consistency in training, services, working conditions, and value to those we serve.
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PSW Membership

PSW Membership

Our goal is to make the PSW a profession of choice in the Health Care field and not just as a stepping stone.

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Accredited Partner

OPSWA Accredited Partnership is a FREE membership. Accredited Partners are listed on the OPSWA website and receive discounts on conference tables, endorsements, guest-speaking opportunities, plus much more.

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Student Membership

OPSWA is proud to offer all PSW Students in the Province of Ontario a FREE Membership to the association for their time in school.

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Associate Membership

This membership is NOT for PSWs, but for individuals from other front-line health care professions, or any person without formal PSW training that provides care.

PSW Entrepreneurial Membership

Entrepreneurial Membership

The OPSWA Entrepreneurial Membership is a great new way to offer security and peace of mind to you and your clients.

PSW Grandfathering Membership

International Grandfathering Membership

Due to the mass shortage of Personal Support Workers in the Province of Ontario, HealthForceOntario and the Ontario PSW Association is answering the call for help.

Prenatal Support Worker

Perinatal Support Worker

The Perinatal Support Worker (PNSW) is a professional caregiver for new and expecting parents during the period from conception through the first year of a newborn’s life.

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Miranda Ferrier - OPSWA - CEO / President

Miranda Ferrier

CEO and Provincial President
Ian DaSilva - Director of Operations

Ian DaSilva

Director of Operations
Debbie Jensen - Manager of HR

Debbie Jensen

Manager of Human Resources & Membership Services
Taylor Booroff - Member Liason

Taylor Booroff

Member Liaison/Member Outreach
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Ontario PSW Association

Ontario PSW Association

Professional Association for Personal Support Workers in the Province of Ontario currently representing over 50,000 Personal Support Workers (PSW).

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Happy National Seniors Day! #PSW #CCA #HCA #PCA #healthcare #Canswa #OPSWA ... See MoreSee Less
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OPSWA Spokesperson Tay is filming podcasts today! Stay tuned for some great podcasts coming soon!#PSW #OPSWA #healthcare ... See MoreSee Less
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September 30 marks the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.The day honours the children who never returned home and Survivors of residential schools, as well as their families and communities. Public commemoration of the tragic and painful history and ongoing impacts of residential schools is a vital component of the reconciliation process.Today and everyday, we remember.For more info: #CCA #HCA #PCA #healthcare #OPSWA #Canswa ... See MoreSee Less
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The last few years have been truly hard on everyone especially PSWs. It never hurts to ask for help.In partnership with Angelique Benois @ Nurturing Our Wellbeing Inc, OPSWA members and PSWs in Ontario have access to Workplace Mental Health & Emotional Health Support.For more info: #OPSWA #healthcare #pswsarethebackboneofontariohealthcare ... See MoreSee Less
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The PSW - The Invisible Worker - Final PartI want to start off my closing post with a message to those in power/management positions, who are here for the right reasons and genuinely care. Thank-you. It is not easy being in a position of power but a lot of us here appreciate the good work that you do. We know that not every workplace is like those I described, but it is because of those workplaces that we love and appreciate you more than ever. Why? Because this has become normalized. Below average care, horrendous patient ratios, poor working conditions, and abuse of power, have almost become par for the course and its terrifying and depressing for those of us who got into this field for the right reasons. So, thank-you for being a safe place in a world that has prioritized profit/greed, over safety and morale. We love you. To those of you in power/management positions who cheered me on because you too want change, thank-you. Thank-you for not taking it personally and for restoring a bit of my faith. To those of you who locked the doors, threw away the key, and then put on your best performance activism face for the camera/to save your own job, there is a special place for you. Thank-you for trying to silence me. It didn’t work. Much like many of you. Thank-you to my colleagues. I am sorry that we have all been letdown. All of you in every position that supported my words, worked alongside me, and cheered me on as I dove into public advocacy. Thank-you. To those who silently supported me because they are forced to, because their jobs are at stake if they speak up themselves but everything I say resonates exactly with them. I stand with you and for you. Thank-you and thank-you for the thankless work you do in silence. I see you. Thank-you to those who didn’t make it this far. Who made the ultimate sacrifice for their job. To those who sacrificed their mental health. A lot of us were never the same after working in these places, a lot of people took a mental health leave, and that alone is a red flag. It is a clear piece of evidence that our system needs change and questions need to be asked. Workers should not be leaving in drones because of mental health concerns. Imagine how mentally taxing this was for us and now for those who received this care- the patients. How bad things must have been for those who witness/experienced it, to have given them mental illness. This is our healthcare system. So atrocious, that to bear witness to it can leave one with PTSD. To the public. Thank-you for listening, thank-you for being angry with us. Thank-you for knowing better than the information you were fed over media. Thank-you for your critical thinking instead of complicity. I am sorry that you have been let down You all should be able to rely on your healthcare system to provide you with proper, competent, healthcare. From all of this I hope it causes a stir for all the right reasons. For change. For authentic transparency. For all of us to drop our egos (because they never belonged here in the first place) and come together to fix this monstrosity. Every single person deserves better healthcare. Every single person deserves to know what is going on. And every single worker deserves to be able to do their job properly. I am sorry to all of you that were gaslit into thinking otherwise. With lots of love and see you on the PSW Podcast - Tay, OPSWA PSW Spokesperson#PSW #OPSWA #personalsupportworker #healthcare ... See MoreSee Less
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