Feet For Life

Foot Care Course

This program begins with general foot care concepts and transitions into more advanced concepts considering the PSWs entry to practice competencies to best allow for transfer of knowledge in this specialized are of care. Upon completion the Podortho® Personal Support Worker (PPSW) may choose to offer footcare in long term care and home care settings and in various multidisciplinary clinics across Ontario, Canada.

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Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) – Online Learning

Looking to build or expand your knowledge in IPAC best practices? Check out our courses on IPAC core competencies and reprocessing, as well as specialized knowledge for different environments, including hospitals, community health care settings and long-term care homes.

Public Health Ontario has developed four new modules for the IPAC Core Competencies online course:

  • Personal Risk Assessment in Acute Care
  • Personal Risk Assessment in Long-term Care
  • Personal Risk Assessment in Community-Clinic
  • Personal Risk Assessment in Community-Home

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STROKE Resources for Health Providers
This information was compiled by the Ontario Regional Stroke Networks’ Community and Long Term Care Group.

STROKE Network Contact Listing for OPSWA
Ontario Regional Stroke Networks contact list of Long Term Care Specialists.